Cotton Rich

Recycled Denim Yarn

We introduce our 100% recycled denim yarns having the least environmental impact since it’s made out of 80% cotton recovered from discarded denim waste and 20% recycled polyester from plastic bottle waste. Our recycled denim fibers spun into coarser counts ranging from 6 to 16s Ne recommended for various applications in home textiles, footwear and accessories.

It is available in light to dark blue denim shades with solid and melange effects which can have multiple end usages like Pillow covers, Mittens, Coasters, Bathroom slippers, Kitchen Gowns as presented here.

Yarn Properties

Packaging Type Count Range Strength Evenness Process Type
Cylindrical Tubes NE (06-16) ) CSP 1350+-100 CV % 1.5 Carded with ROTOR Spinning
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