Social Responsibility

Usha Yarns is aware of its responsibilities for the welfare of society and wellbeing of our communities. Our CSR strategy is principally derived from 17 Sustainability Development Goals to achieve by 2030, majority of our work is focused towards Good Health and Well Being, Quality Education, Gender Equality, Clean Water & Sanitation, Responsible Consumption and Production, and Partnership for the Goals. Usha Yarns is committed to behave ethically and contribute back to the society which has impact of our business activities. Hence, we are continuously working towards key social, environmental and economic issues for the change. Our responsible team keeps on surveying nearby rural and backward localities to highlight neglected areas which need our support. Our current activity areas are focused around education, health, environment, and youth development.



Healthy people lead to a wealthy society. Since the Covid19 pandemic, Usha Yarns has been actively involved in community health care support with free masks distribution, tests, vaccinations, health checkups, building infrastructure, increase bed capacity, provide medical equipment and infrastructures and distribution of blankets to underprivileged patients in public hospitals at nearby localities. We create awareness about cleanliness, safety and hygiene in rural communities. We do maintenance and construction of new toilets at public places, schools and community centers in villages.



To keep environment at the top of our social agenda we keep allocating resources for our CSR activities covering Plantation, Recycling, Renewable Energy, Emission, Water Saving and Cleanliness issues. Under the water saving project we educated rural folks about saving water and consuming safe drinking water. We undertake maintenance and construction of drinking water hut stations at public places schools and community centers in rural areas.



Education plays a vital role in the growth of any society by imparting knowledge, skills and decision making potential for development. Being a socially responsible organization we endeavor to support rural and backward regions in our surroundings by allocating funds for building infrastructure, sports and recreations facilities at public schools, provide equipment for setting up digital infrastructure. So far we have covered 40+ schools in the region which has benefitted 4000+ students